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Chief Incumbent Tripitakacharya Kammattanacharya Most Ven. Meethalawe Vineetha Nayaka Thero

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In terms of the Buddhist teachings of social ethics there are three steps to be followed to enhance quality of life. They are Liberality (Dana), Morality (Sila) and Meditation (Bavana), the three wholesome actions.

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Dharma Deshana


කඨින මහා පුණ්යෝත්සවය - 2017

පටිගත කල දර්ශන සඳහා යොමුවන්න >>

සමාරම්‍භක අවස්ථාව සහ ධර්ම සාකච්ඡාව >>
පුජ්‍යපාද උඩඊරියගම ධම්ම්ජීව ස්වාමින්වහන්සේ පවත්වන ලද ධර්ම දේශනාව >>


Listen Again

Now you have  the facility of listening  to Dhamma Desana which were conducted in meditation workshops and Poya day Programmes on-line or you can buy CDs from  centre office.

Browse our YouTube Channel to listen on-line or visit the centre to purchase CDs at a nominal price.

ධර්මදේශනා ශ්‍රවණය සඳහා 

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Monthly program schedule for the current month is available

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If you are interested in attending the programs, the required applications could be downloaded from below links. Applications are available in both Sinhala and English languages.

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