About Us


      International Vipassana Meditation Center-Colombo 07 was established to convey the noble teachings of Buddha among all human beings irrespective of race and religion. Almost five decades have passed since International Vipassana Meditation Center was set up under the auspices of the governments of Burma and Sri Lanka.

      In its endeavour to spread the message of Buddha, the Centre specializes in Vipassana meditation, the meditation technique that helps a person to see the reality of life – to see the life as it is. Following the revival of this technique of meditation in Burma in the last century, it was introduced to Sri Lanka with Vipassana Centre playing a pioneering role in the local context. Over the years thousands of foreign practitioners and tens of thousands of locals have retreated at the facility. Following the popularization of the technique by the Centre dozens and dozens of meditation centres have been established across the country by the followers to help spreading the message of Buddha.