Liberation of Animals

Sabbe tasanthi dandassa – sabbe bhaayanti maccuno

Attanam upmam katva–na haneyya na ghataye.”

All are afraid of stick, all fear death. Putting oneself in another’s place, one should not beat or kill others.


     In  Abaya Danaya (අභයදාන), protection, forgiveness and release from the death are apparent.

Abaya Danaya gives life and right to live. There is no other religion or philosophy other than Buddhism, which endorses the right to live.

This worthy program is a conception of the chairperson Mr. Vidura Ranasinghe. This meritorious act was started 20 years back. Here Abaya Danya will be given to milking cows, cattle, fowls, hens, turkeys, and other bipedal, quadrupedal alike animals. There is a committee appointed to see that all released animals are given to eligible persons for self employment. The release of animals will be done at the temple premises.

This program  is conducted on the fourth Saturday of every month.

සිංහලෙන් කියවන්න