Assisting Expectant Mothers

2018 අප්‍රේල් මස 13 වන සිකුරාදා දින පැවැත්වුනු ගැබිනි මව්වරුන් 100 දෙනෙකුට දිවා ආහාරය සහ අත්‍යාවශ්‍ය භාණ්ඩ බෙදාදිම සහ පැවැත්වුනු භාවනා වැඩසටහන


`    “Soththithe hotu – Soththi gabbassa

“You and your womb are blessed”

Program for Assisting  Expectant Mothers

      This project was started to educate and assist expectant mothers of low income families all over the country irrespective of their race, religion and other social differences.

      Both mother and father to be attending the counselling sessions and  advisory services can get advices and solutions for their problems which will help them for harmonized living.

The main objectives of this program are as follows.

  1. To assist the mother to deliver a  healthy baby.
  2. To provide counseling service to expectant mothers, their husbands for a harmonized living.
  3. To provide free medical advice for mothers to be and husbands about post delivery complications and after labour care
  4. To educate them about the importance of a nutritional meal and to provide them a basket of nutritive foods
  5. To provide  essential items to the baby during first months of his life.

This is an island-wide community service.

This  community service was started on the conception of late Ven. Harispattuwe Ariyavansalankara Thero.

Please contact the office those who wish to make any contributions to this worthy community service.

For further information kindly peruse the monthly program of the relevant month.

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