12 August 2016

Blood Donation campaign to Invoke Blessings to

Most Ven. Nauyane Ariyadhamma Thero

A blood donation campaign was held at Lanka Vipassana Meditation Centre to invoke blessings to Most Ven. Nauyane Ariyadhamma Thero on 30th July 2016. The Lanka Vipassana Youth Committee successfully organized this project.  Members of the Lanka Vipassana Youth Committee  and   devotees  attended this meritorious project and donated blood wishing Maha Thero a speedy recovery .


22 July 2016

A Bodhi Pooja and Releasing of Cattle Wishing Speedy Recovery

for Most Ven. Nauyane Ariyadhamma Thero

A Bodhi pooja was conducted at Vipassana Meditation Centre on 20th July  to invoke blessings to Most Ven. Nauyane Ariyadhamma Thero who supposed to undergo a heart surgery on the following day . Resident Maha Sanga of the Centre and devotees attended this pooja.   On the date of the surgery Vipassana Meditation  committee took measures to release cattle wishing the Thero a long life and speedy recovery.  These poojas were organized with the advice of Most Ven. Meethalawe Vineetha Thero, the chief incumbent of the Vipassana Meditation Centre, Colombo 7.







22 July 2016

New Water purifying System for Vipassana Meditation Center

Mr. Thisara Jayathilaka  CEO of Chameero Waters(Pvt) Ltd., donated a water filtering  system to Vipassana Meditation Center on  Esala Poyaday at the start of  this “Wassana Season”.
This system will provide purified water for resident Maha Sanga at Vipassana as well as  thousands of devotees attending for programs conducted at the centre.




29 June 2016

Helping Hand for a Flood Affected Family


Lanka Vipassana Meditation Committee has decided to reconstruct the  house of  a needy flood affected family in the Mulleriyawa Area. The only bread winner of the family is the mother who works in several houses every day. All 3 children are schooling and the eldest who got very good results for his G.C.E. (Ordinary Level) examination will sit for Advanced Level examination in this year.

The donors who are willing to contribute to this meritorious act may contact Vipassana Meditation Centre office for further details.

29 June 2016

Heel Dana for Devotees at Kelaniya Temple

Lanka Vipassana Meditation Committee conducted its regular Heel Dana Programme (Breakfast for who observed 8/10 precepts) in this morning ( 29th June) Kelani Raja Maha Vihara. More than 160 devotees observed 8/10 precepts on the previous day were benefited by this programme.


This is program is a regular project handled by  the committee and  is held in every morning after the poya days except full moon poya day ( 3 days per month).

02 July 2016

A visit to farm at  Mundalama, Nawadangkulama

Animals released under Abhaya Dana Project are sent to this farm located at Mundalama in the   Nawadangkulama area. The Chairperson of the Vipassana Meditation Committee visited this the farm recently and found all the cows and other animals handed over to the farm living a healthy life. The committee wishes to transfer the merits of this meritorious act to all those who contributed this project. If not for their support we may not be able release these innocent animals from death.



20 May 2016

Flood Relief Projects by Vipassana Meditation Committee

Chairperson and the members of the Vipassana Meditation Committee distributed 1000 meal packets to flood victims in the Colombo District early in the   morning on 19th May 2016



They also contributed to the flood relief programme by rescuing around 70 people affected by the flood in Mulleriyawa area. Two(2) boats hired from Negombo were used for this mission.


15 May 2016

Herbal Steam Bath and Oil Massage for Maha Sanga

Herbal Steam Bath and oil massage was done at Thanjanthanna Senasana for 25 Ven. Theros on 14th & 15th May. His Excellency the President provided transportation for the team visited the senasana for this worthy cause.

It is a highly meritorious deed, done by the Vipassana Committee “Pan Pahasu Team” travelling to a Monastery situated in a rural area of the hill country despite of bad weather to facilitate the most Venerable Sangha Rathne.


24th April 2016

New Year Festival for the Children with Special Needs



A New Year festival organized by the Vipassana Youth Committee for the children with special needs was held on 24th April 2016 at Sucharithodaya Children’s Home, Maharagama. The event commenced in the morning after obtaining 5 percepts (panchaseelaya) and the children were given opportunity to participate in numerous traditional games throughout the day. At the end of the day, every participant was given gifts on top their awards for various achievements.

Chairperson of the Lanka Vipassana Meditation Society, committee members and well-wishers also participated in this event.



22 April 2016

Bodhi Pooja to Invoke Blessings to Newly appointed IGP

Mr. Pujith Jayasundara , the 34th Inspector General of Police of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka visited International Vipassana Meditation Centre, Colombo 07 and received blessings of the Maha Sangha.

A “Bodhi Pooja” was held at the centre to invoke blessings to newly appointed IGP and traditional “pirith nool” (blessed string) were tied by Most Ven. Digana Sugathawansa Thero.

This religious ceremony took place with the participation of family members of the IGP, Mr. Vidura Ranasinghe the president of the Vipassana Meditation Society, other committee members and the devotees of the centre.

Mr. Pujith Jayasundara, is an advisor to the Vipassana Meditation Society.



Donations given by the International Meditation Centre Colombo 07 on 02.04.2016 to Dhamma school children of Hingurakgoda Ulpath Elagama  who visited the Centre recently. Vipassana centre priests, the members of the vipassana society and Nalanda 80 group attended this occassion.



Donation to Dialysis Unit of the National Hospital Colombo

Most Ven.Kammattanacharya Meethalawe Vineetha Thero, the Chief Incumbent of the International Meditation Centre Colombo 7, made a donation to the Dialysis Unit of the National Hospital on 30th March 2016, according to a request made by the chairperson of the Anagarika Dharmapala Social Service and Workforce Upliftment Board. This donation included packs of sugar, tea and milk powder to be used by the patients treated at the unit.

Deshamanya Ariyawansa Kulasuriya, the chairperson of the Anagarika Dharmapala Social Service workforce and upliftment board and the Vice President of Lanka Vipassana bhavana Samithiya, Mr.T.W.Thilakarathna of the Hospital service council (Vipasse Bhuddhist Centre) Mr.R.B. Asoka and Mr. Siriwardane also attended this occasion.



We all wish Good Health and Longevity to our Most Ven. Nayaka Thero, on the occasion of his 73rd birthday.



Special Dharmadeshana Program will be Broadcasted on SLBC “Savadeshiya Sewaya”, on 26th January at 8.00pm In order to bless Good Health and Longevity to our Most Ven. Nayaka Thero, on the occasion of his 73rd birthday. This Dharmadeshana will be preached by Most Ven. Digana Sugathawansa Thero.


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