Residential Meditation Programme – Instructions and Rules applicable for Lay persons.

(It is also necessary to refer to the instructions relating to “Vathavath”
“Vathavath”  – means routine work that need to be attended to at a Buddhist religious place)

Please note that these rules are prescribed to make your stay comfortable and happy, not to disturb you.

Applicants should strictly observe the following instructions and rules. Those who do not observe these rules their participation in the meditation programme will be terminated. It should be noted that a participant once terminated will not be admitted to a programme in the future.

  1. This organisation and these programmes are maintained with the contributions made by Donors. It should be emphasised that these programmes are being promoted for the benefit of those who are genuinely interested. We wish to state in this context that keeping this premises in a state of security with due regards to cleanliness and any contribution that you make towards this activity will undoubtedly be an act of great merit.
  2. Utilising the facilities provided by this centre pretending to be meditation practitioners and deceitfully
  3. mis using them for personal gains are acts of serious misdemeanour and should be avoided under all circumstances .
  4. Before enrolling to the programme those interested should perfect an Application Form and obtain the prior approval of the Ven. Kammattanacharya/ven. Chief Incumbent Thero.
  5. Maximum period of training is 10 days. Thereafter an application within 90 days will not be considered.
  6. When you arrive for participation you should bring with you the necessary outfit such as a bed sheet, your attire together with shawl, a plate, a mug with a handle, towel, soap, toothpaste, tooth brush and any medicine required. Additionally you must bring a padlock of the size of a half inch.
  7. When you arrive for participation you should report between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm. on the day prior to the date of commencement
  8. Prior to the enrollment It is necessary to hand over your National ID card to the office in order to obtain the key of the room reserved for you together with the ID card issued by this centre. You should return the same to the office at the time of departure in order to obtain back your National ID card.
  9. Using mobile phones is prohibited and, if available, you should surrender it to the office for safe keeping if
    required together with other valuables such as money etc.
  10. During the period of stay you should at least observe the eight precepts and should maintain your conduct and behaviour strictly in conformity with these precepts.
  11. Please note that Members of Ven. Maha Sanga are also in residence in these premises and you should take special care and show due respect to them.
  12. Lay persons should abstain from using any facilities reserved for Ven. Maha Sanga.
  13. During the period of stay you should refrain from activities incompatible with meditation practice such as reading books etc., meeting of visitors and relations, receiving out side messages, using of mobile phones, entering the room of other participants, engaging in conversation with other persons and going out of the premises.
  14. This centre is open for the public who visit for meditation. Therefore it is compulsory you to be attired throughout in the traditional religious (sil) clothes and wear the ID issued to you for easy identification. You should also avoid engaging conversation with them.
  15. You should avoid all conversation with other participants and out-siders. Even conversation with the staff of the centre should be limited only for most essential matters.
  16. No items other than meditation cushion and “pathkadaya” should be brought in to the meditation hall.
  17. You should behave in such a manner as not to cause any inconvenience or disturbance to other participants and meditators.
  18. You should strictly observe the time table prescribed for the programme.
  19. You should attend to “vathavath” (daily routine work) as prescribed in the schedule of “vathavath”.
  20. You should examine and report immediately to the Ven. Chief Incumbent Thero any short comings and damages in the room allocated to you.
  21. You should not exchange rooms or room keys. You should not remove or bring in any items or exchange between rooms or bring any items from out side in to the room with out the permission of the Ven. Chief Incumbent Thero.
  22. You should refrain from giving or sharing accommodation with others and requesting permission to provide accommodation for others in your room.
  23. You should avoid bringing in any items of food and partaking of such items in your room.
  24. You should clean your room and the toilet in use daily. At the time of departure you should keep the room  very clean and tidy.
  25. You should avoid fixing nails, tying strings and robes either on the walls, furniture and any fixtures, inside  the room in the corridors or in the toilets.
  26. In the use of toilets, bath rooms, washing sinks etc. you should give due regard to their cleanliness and sanitary conditions, clean toilets daily, avoid depositing soap wrappings, hair shavings etc. in-side toilets, bath rooms and commodes.
  27. All garbage should be sorted out and deposited in the correct garbage bins provided for.
  28. Chewing betel, Smoking, bringing in or the use of any alcohol and narcotics inside the premises and entering the premises in the state of intoxication or accompany any person in such condition is totally prohibited.
  29. When you are leaving the premises it is your responsiblility to take back all your belongings. All un owned Items found in-side or out-side rooms will be destroyed immediately. Nither the Ven. Chief Incumbent Thero nor the Governing committee nor any one else will take the responsibility for any losses to you in such a situation.
  30. You should avoid giving instructions, commanding, offering presents or making any accusations to the staff of the Centre.
  31. If any loss or damage has been caused to the premises or any property, belonging to persons of the Centre on account of your behavior, it shall be your obligation to pay compensation for such damages and losses.
  32. If there are any short comings that you notice please bring them to the notice of the Ven. Chief Incumbent Thero. If possible short comings will be attended to and rectified and necessary facilities will be provided.
  33. Please note that we do not have facilities for emergency treatments or patients care.
  34. Please be aware of the fact that a CCTV system is fixed within this premises.

Ven Kammattanacharya/Ven. Chief Incumbent Thero.