Sanga Upasthana


Bhikku Patient Care Service

“Yo bhikkawe man upattaheiya

so gilanan upattaheiya”

Oh! bhikku, if someone cares for me, he cares for the sick”

Respecting the above words of Lord Buddha, we carry out a Bhikku patient care program on every Saturday, Sunday and Monday. This service was started by late Ven. AriyawansalankaraThero in April 2013. This meritorious act was called “ Jeewa Dana”.

This service is conducted by a well trained team of medical staff underthe supervision of an experienced Sinhala Ayurvedic Doctor and it is extended to Bhikkus proceeding from various parts of the island.

In addition, this Bhikku patient care is available to the temples and hermitages outside Colombo.

Anybody who is willing to contribute to this meritorious act can do so. Medicaments required are listed in the monthly program.

For the period from March 2015 to December 2015, 108 medical services were done and a total of 729 sick Bhikkus were treated.

‘’Yo bhikkawe gilanan upattaheiya

So man upattaheiya”

He who cares for the sick cares for me’