Chief Incumbent

Chief Incumbent Tripitakacharya Kammattanacharya Most Ven. Ududumbara Kashyapa Nayaka Thero

In terms of the Buddhist teachings of social ethics there are three steps to be followed to enhance quality of life. They are Liberality (Dana), Morality (Sila) and Meditation (Bavana), the three wholesome actions.

Liberality (Dana) represents sharing with the community by practicing generosity, all cultural, ritual and wholesome practices plus offerings of requisites and fulfillment of obligations.

Morality (Sila) ensures the conduct of bodily and verbally performed deeds in conformity with the needs of human decency, good character, piousness, Buddhist ethics, monastic rules, etc. For this purpose, there are prescribed steps for training moral rules such as Five moral rules, Eight moral rules, “Poyaday” moral rules, Ten domestic moral rules for lay persons, Ten moral rules for trainee monks, Four rules for purification and Moral rules of accomplishment of training (Higher ordination) (Upasampada?) for the monks. The accomplishment of morality by acceptance of the rule, or by practice of rule is common to both parties, lay and monastic.

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International Vipassana Meditation Centre

Our Activities

Activities conducted by International Vipassana Meditation Centre;

Liberation of Animals

In Abaya Danaya (අභයදාන), protection, forgiveness and release from the death are apparent. Abaya Danaya gives life and right to live. There is no other religion or philosophy other than Buddhism, which endorses the right to live. This worthy program is a conception of the chairperson Mr. Vidura Ranasinghe. This meritorious act was started 20 years back. Here Abaya Danya will be given to milking cows, cattle, fowls, hens, turkeys, and other bipedal, quadrupedal alike animals. There is a committee appointed to see that all released animals are given to eligible persons for self employment. The release of animals will be done at the temple premises.

Assisting Expectant Mothers

This project was started to educate and assist expectant mothers of low income families all over the country irrespective of their race, religion and other social differences. Both mother and father to be attending the counselling sessions and advisory services can get advices and solutions for their problems which will help them for harmonized living. This is an island-wide community service. This community service was started on the conception of late Ven. Harispattuwe Ariyavansalankara Thero. Please contact the office those who wish to make any contributions to this worthy community service.

Sanga Upasthana

Respecting the above words of Lord Buddha, we carry out a Bhikku patient care program on every Saturday, Sunday and Monday. This service was started by late Ven. AriyawansalankaraThero in April 2013. This meritorious act was called “ Jeewa Dana”. This service is conducted by a well trained team of medical staff underthe supervision of an experienced Sinhala Ayurvedic Doctor and it is extended to Bhikkus proceeding from various parts of the island. In addition, this Bhikku patient care is available to the temples and hermitages outside Colombo.

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